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Tim Gurung

Tim Gurung

TIM I GURUNG is an author working on 15 books based in Hong Kong, he writes on serious global and social issues, and he only writes for his charity – ISSLCARE.

Before becoming a fulltime author at fifty, he worked in the manufacturing field in China for more than twenty years, ran his own successful international company from Hong Kong, and visited many countries during the course of his business career.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he served in the legendary British Gurkhas army, world renowned for their unparalleled bravery and unconditional loyalty, for thirteen years and retired at his own will. During his long career, he served in Hong Kong, Brunei and United Kingdom respectively and visited other countries as well for temporary deployment.

His humble upbringing back in the remote village of Nepal had taught him about the importance of living a simple life with humility. It is the main reason why he had decided to become a writer of righteousness and conscience. Writing is his passion, helping others is his compassion, and the combination is his solution of living a meaningful life. He writes simply because he wants to help others – end of the story!

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