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Satyarth Nayak is a writer and media person based in Delhi. Holding a Masters Degree in English Literature from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, writing has always been a passion. As a journalist, he has worked with premier news channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN. Working for CNN-IBN as a Health Correspondent, he was awarded the SAARC Heal Honour for Excellence in Health Writing and Broadcasting in 2008. Satyarth's short story titled Eve, won the British Council Writers Circle Prize in 2006 and appeared in their Winners Vol-2. Tested to come up with a winning story that ended with the questionable line 'Where is the underwear when you need it the most?', Satyarth created a riveting crime drama garnished with an imaginative post-lapsarian element. In 2011, two of Satyarth's stories, Music and Lyrics and The Opportunity were published in Chicken Soup for the Soul edition of the 'Indian College Students.' Both stories showcased his grasp on two completely diverse emotions. While the former is a light-hearted and humorous ode to his English professor Sujatha Rao, the latter is a poignant narration of his last meeting with his principal of St.Stephen's college, Dr. Anil Wilson who passed away battling pancreatic cancer. The Emperor's Riddles is Satyarth's debut novel.

Titles by Satyarth Nayak
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