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Suraj Sinha

Suraj Sinha

An engineer-turned-banker, Suraj Sinha started his professional career as an aeronautical engineer in 2006. After a short span of fixing aircraft, he started teaching the same to interns. Things took a drastic change and he chose to quit aviation and joined a bank and also completed his degree in History honours. Born in 1986 in the then undivided state of Bihar, he grew up listening to folk stories. An avid reader of Magic Realism, fantasy, history and satire, he spends quality time reading the likes of Marquez, Rushdie, Faulkner, Tolkien, Joseph Heller and the list goes on. When he is not banking, or reading, or spending time with his son, he loves watching classics. Inspired by the everyday life and his little son, he loves the process of writing more than anything else and now devotes his time writing books.

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