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Upendra Namburi

A banking and finance professional, an engineer & MBA, by accident, from a peppy part of Mumbai, Upendra Namburi has taken his love for numbers and turned it into a success story spanning a chequered career of 15 years in banking, finance and FMCG sectors. Upendra is married and has a son. He currently lives in Gurgaon, but remains a Mumbaikar at heart. He first bit the writing bug when he was invited by one of India’s leading finance dailies – Mint – to write for it. It turned into a love affair that has turned him into an avid blogger and finally made him take the plunge into the unchartered waters of the written word. Upendra now devotes his time to take complex and dry ideas like loans, foreclosures etc and turn them into nail-biting thrillers which make the same numbers come alive. But he really hasn’t shifted his focus too far away and still thinks of his books as numbers: 31, 60, 8 and so on. ‘Thirty one’ is his first in the series.

Titles by Upendra Namburi
  • 31 - Thirty One
    31 are the days in the month of March, the closing of India’s financial year. 31 are also the number of days of that...+more
  • 60 (Sixty Minutes)
    Thank God, It’s Friday! Ashwin, the marketing head of a multi-national FMCG company in Mumbai and a closet day trade...+more
  • 8 (Eight Hours)
    How many hours does it take for a man to find out whether or not he is getting married to the right woman? How many hours ...+more
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