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Vikas Singh is a self-confessed word addict, who obsessively reads anything that comes his way, be it a newspaper or the label on a cough syrup bottle. An Army kid, he spent most of his early life moving from one place to another with books being his only constant companion. A love-affair that is on even today, with the repertoire varying from military history to Larry Gonnick’s cartoon histories and non-fiction to pulp fiction. Never one to tread a definite path, on a whim, he decided to pursue his history degree from St. Stephen's College, but went on to do a post-graduate diploma in Marketing Management soon after. But plots and stories continued to fire his imagination. Starting his career as an economic journalist with The Economic Times, today Vikas Singh is the Resident Editor of The Times of India, Delhi. He lives in the capital his wife and daughter, who are equally enthralled by literature, in a house which seems to have more books than furniture. Having co-authored a brief, breezy history of knowledge, 'The Know of Things', with Derek O'Brien, Jug Suraiya and Bunny Suraiya, The Big Fix is Vikas's first novel, though definitely not his last.| For the interview click the link |

Titles by Vikas Singh
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