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Emergence - Avaasya Trilogy (Book 2)

Emergence - Avaasya Trilogy (Book 2)

The Warlord has taken over Havelon. The light is fading. An unwilling participant, Arya’s gurus have only 2-3 months to instruct him in all he needs to know to combat Tamisra. Arya, to the people around him, is clearly the catalyst that will lead to the destruction of Equilibrium.  Also suspect are his origins. His strange ability to unlock any man-made mechanism. Does he even have a role to play, given that only a Saatvikaa can wield the ring? 
Help comes in the form of Avni. But is she enough to help Arya overcome the mistrust surrounding him? As the Warlord gathers his troops, Arya finds the lines between dark and light blurring faster than he can separate their strands. All he knows is that Time will reset if he does not find a way to emerge from the shadows and get the right answers, fast.
Book 2 of the Avaasya Trilogy is the story of a boy forced to become a man; to come out of his cocoon to bring the balance needed to hold the worlds together as he stands on the edge... 
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