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Convergence - Avaasya Trilogy (Book 3)

Convergence - Avaasya Trilogy (Book 3)

In Book 3 of the Avaasya Trilogy, Arya has to face the true face of Tamisra. But is defeating Tamisra enough? Can Arya truly defeat Tamisra without disturbing the Equilibrium forever? Why were Amish and Prot so insistent that Arya steal the ring? In itself, Avaasya is a pretty harmless band with an ugly black rock. So why are the Tamisra and Saatvikaa so anxious to get their hands on it? The clues for redemption lie in an old prophecy that talks of the same CAUSE that brought the world to an end in the last cycle. 

Will Arya find the right answers, take the right clues? And what of the missing Nistakari, who will set right all wrongs. What is the Maayukh’s role in all this? And which one is Arya? 

Arya has to now confront himself, even as he faces the uglier side of light and the redeeming side of dark in a battle to restore the Equilibrium. 


Agent: Anuj

Edit: Sharvani

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