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The Brahmin

The Brahmin

In Lanka, King Ravana contemplates using the Golden Scythe, a weapon powerful enough to destroy the world, to defeat Ram. In the end, sickened by the slaughter of previous battles and the lament of bereaved mothers and widows, he gives it to his spymaster, who disappears. 


Centuries later, King Ashoka rules Magadha with an iron fist. He wants to become India’s most powerful monarch and is preparing to conquer Kalinga. He hears about the Golden Scythe from a Sri Lankan monk being tortured in his dungeons. 


Meanwhile, concubines are being murdered in the King's palace. Enraged, he summons his head of Secret Service -- The Brahmin -- to investigate. The hunt takes the Bramhin through the constantly shifting, treacherous sands of palace politics and intrigues, where Queen Asandhamitra tells him that one of the murdered concubines was the granddaughter of Selucus, a general in Alexander’s Indian campaign. She had come to Pataliputra in search of a relic. 


The Brahmin discovers that the search for the Golden Scythe is connected with the murder of Ashoka’s concubines and a picture of the killer starts forming in his mind. The Brahmin’s ingenuity and war skills are stretched as Ashoka charges him with stopping Kalinga spies, avenging the death of the Buddhist monks and find the Golden Scythe apart from the job of unmasking the killers of the women. Will the spymaster unmask the killer, stop Kalingan spies and also find the Golden Scythe? Does his conscience allow him to share the secret of this weapon of mass destruction with Ashoka? 


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Edit: Sharvani

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