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No Bond of Blood

No Bond of Blood

“When you remember something, you change it.”

Yasmin Tripathi is twenty, lives in Mumbai, and works as a Teller – someone who ‘tells’ grieving families what happened moments before their loved one died. Weaving narratives that encompass the life of the deceased, Yasmin, along with a small group of Tellers, provides emotional closure to grieving families. Led by the daunting Shama Das, Tellers enter the inner world of people who sign up to have their stories told in the event of their sudden passing. In a world of start-ups, death too is good business.

Yasmin’s own life is shot through with a pain she is unwilling to confront. An orphan and a runaway, she has a story that needs a Telling – a story that is buried in the forests of Kullu and involves a secret her parents kept from her till they died. No Bond of Blood is a meditation on what grief does to humans and the power of life to reclaim victims of death. It is one girls journey from fourteen thousand feet to sea level and back. 

Agent : Anuj
Edit    : Aanchal


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