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Outsiders are Everywhere

Outsiders are Everywhere

Uprooted from Dacca, the home of her heart, in the aftermath of the Noakhali riots, and forced to take shelter in emerging India soon after Partition, Damyanti builds a new life for herself and her family, even though her heart bleeds for her beloved "Bengal" and everyone she lost in having to leave her beloved city. But her dreams of a flourishing family quickly turn to sorrow and despair. Her hopes for her "boys" is crushed as they fall one after the other, victims of the Emergency, the Khalistan Movement and MandalCommission.
The Ram Mandir agitation is the last straw. Determined not to succumb to the pressures of a charged and hostile communal environment, Damyanti finally decides to live up to her legacy of being a doctor from pre-independence India. Combatting her overwhelming guilt for her lack of strength and a failed sense of judgement, Damyanti finally believes she has found an opportunity to redeem all past wrongs by helping right her grandson's life.
Damyanti, who has blamed "Outsiders" her entire life for discord and division in Bengal and post-independence India, is finally forced to accept that "her own people" can just as easily be the Outsiders.
A heartwarming story of love and redemption, spanning almost 50 years, Nilotpal's Outsiders are Everywhere is a tribute to a generation that found the strength over and over to rebuild on the foundation of ruins and still come out strong. A generation that loved, lost and loved again, but never lost hope...


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