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Land Where I Flee

Land Where I Flee

Three Westernized siblings return to their Himalayan hometown but a game of happy families is far from on the cards to commemorate Chitralekha Nepauneys Chaurasi her landmark 84th birthday Chitralekhas grandchildren are travelling to Gangtok to pay their respects. Agastaya is flying in from New York. Although a successful oncologist at only thirty-two, he is terrified of his familys inquisition into why he is not married and even more terrified that the reason for his bachelordom will be discovered. Joining him are Manasa and Bhagwati, coming from London and Colorado respectively. One the Oxford-educated achiever; the other the disgraced eloper one moneyed but miserable; the other ostracized but optimistic. All three harbour the same dual objective: to emerge from the celebrations with their grandmothers blessing and their nerves intact: a goal that will become increasingly impossible thanks to a mischievous maid and a fourth, uninvited guest.

Agent: Anuj

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