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Victims for Sale

Victims for Sale

Sandy Raman fled from a traumatic incident in India to begin a new life as a BBC stringer in the swinging city of London. During her first night as a paying guest with the Sawants, she woke up to a woman with a knife … and a dark secret. An ominous stranger was found snooping on the Sawants’ home, weeks later. The family was clearly hiding something. Even so, Sandy would fall for the Sawants’ son – charismatic investment banker, Nimmy.
It is only after Sandy launches a sting operation on a residential facility that she joins the dots between an institute acting as a front for a sinister nexus and the odd family she lives with. As Sandy chases the truth up a trail of brutal murders, she confronts the Sawants only to get thrown out on the streets and learn that Nimmy has betrayed her. Homeless, alienated and strapped for cash, Sandy finds a pillar of strength in her quirky friend, Ritchie as she runs for her life. Sandy must do whatever it takes to expose the predators and step up to the deranged kingpin of a thriving racket before time runs out.
An intensely gripping thriller with a compelling psychological
component that is unusual in crime fiction. — The Hindu
A deeply moving and disturbing story that artfully brings
to light the ills of trafficking and the trauma of abuse that
women, especially the mentally challenged, face amid an
emphasis on family honour among South Asian families in
the UK. — NDTV.
Victims for Sale. . . steers clear of cliches, is based in reality
and is a smooth read. — Hindustan Times
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