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The Last Act

The Last Act

When an unexpected puncture promises to turn fifty years of rarefied existence on its head, an interminable cycle of panic and regret begins. And so it is with Manmohini, the exalted star of Indian Cinema, whose life of fame unravels when her guilty secret buried away from the tabloids begins taking over her life. In between come a series of letters that connect her to two very different characters--a high-tech genius from Utrecht, Sam, and a single mother from San Jose, Nandini. 
When Sam receives letters that are unmarked but familiar, a grudge he has simmered over for decades begins taking over his life.   The same letters arrive at Nandini’s door and she fears they will destroy the only person she has ever found support in—her father.  
“The Last Act” brings together three divergent lives as it takes readers through a story of guilt and disdain, of fame and artistry, of music and dancing, and of love that endures.  
Agent: Aanchal
Edit: Sanya
Copyright © 2014, Red Ink. All right reserved.
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